"Know Thyself" Before Changing Jobs
By Joe Byerly and Cassie Crosby

It’s finally here! For the last year, my writing partner and I have been working on bringing you a tool to help you reflect on your experiences and lead with the best version of yourself, regardless of your line of work. Joe Byerly, From the Green Notebook blog and podcast founder, and I spent countless mornings waking up at 4am to virtually collaborate because we both have day jobs and live 700 miles apart. Our efforts paid off, and the book is available now in hardback, paperback, and kindle.

We are beyond excited (and a little nervous) to finally share it with you.

My Green Notebook: “Know Thyself” Before Changing Jobs is a guided, 30-day self reflection intended to draw out your lessons learned and help you thrive as a leader as you take on positions of increased responsibility. We created this book based on our experiences changing leadership roles every 12-24 months. Every time we transferred, someone we trusted and respected made it a point to tell us to take time during transition to reflect on our experiences and capture our lessons learned. Until much later in our careers, we approached this advice passively, reminiscing as we drove across the country to our next assignment, hoping that would be enough.

It never was.

So we created this notebook for you as a guided reflection to assist you in reflecting on your own experiences. In the book, we talk about reflection- what it is, where it came from, and how it has influenced humans for more than two millennia. To help you with your own journey, we provide a guide for how to use the notebook

to get the most out of your experiences. 

Finally, we challenge you to 30-days of reflection. For 29 out of the 30 days, we present a leadership topic with a brief definition and two tailored questions to generate reflection. On the final day, the real magic occurs as we challenge you to make meaning of the last 29 days and create an action plan for where to focus your development next.   

We hope you will give reflection a chance and share your own experiences with us, as we intend to share ours with you as we continue our own journeys. We can’t wait to hear from you!

One more thing. We asked our friend Steven Pressfield to give the book a try. Here’s what he wrote:

My Green Notebook: “Know Thyself” Before Changing Jobs changed my life. I did the thirty days of self-assessment and reflection. It was a revelation to me on the unruliness of my own mind.

It also revealed the potential for self-improvement and for heightened focus and consciousness. My Green Notebook is intended as a tool and practice guide for military officers and leaders in business and industry. You may not think of yourself in those terms (as a writer, I certainly don’t) but remember,

we all have to lead ourselves. 

The ancient Stoics practiced daily self-assessment. What did we learn? What errors have we made? How can we do better? In My Green Notebook, Joe Byerly and Cassie Crosby lay out a 30-day program that will help you process and assimilate the dozens of key insights that you have daily but that

normally sail from sight and are never heard of again. 

My Green Notebook details how they process their own lessons-to-themselves, their own self-assessment and self-empowerment exercises. The book is original, innovative, invaluable—a portal into the mindset of a leader and a guide for the rest of us in enhancing our own mindfulness and self-awareness.

Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of Gates of Fire and The War of Art



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