Life lessons from humans' best friend

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

It seems like everywhere I look, leaders and their coaches are talking about burnout.

As we begin to day dream about the holidays, it's time to take responsibility for our rest and recovery. When I was in the military, holidays were for making up for lost time with family and friends. I put so much pressure on myself to make the people I had been neglecting feel like a priority to justify all the hours, days, and weeks I spent away. While this habit was critical to keeping some equilibrium with my family, the one person I neglected was myself. I was often left needing a vacation from my vacation by the time I returned to work.

I think we can all take some lessons from Nugget, my lovable and snuggable, adorable, pet Yorkie. As soon as everyone is out of the house in the morning, he takes a much needed break from spreading joy. He finds a comfy place to nap with plenty of warmth and sun to rest, reset, and reenergize so he can give maximum level of love when his people come back from their day away.

Let's take this lesson from little Nugget and include in our day dreaming about the holidays thoughts of our perfect recovery spots and activities. What's your perfect holiday recovery recipe to fill your energy stores so you have plenty to give when it's time to get back to the grind?

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