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Taking High Performance to Peak Potential

Are you a high-performing leader seeking real, meaningful change?
Your next step begins here. Iterata Solutions provides you with the support and tools you need 
to bring forth transformational change and reach the pinnacle of your performance potential.
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Iterate, /ˈidəˌrāt/, verb, to perform or utter repeatedly.

The iterative process: a process by which a plan or product is continuously adapted to changing conditions and improved upon. We believe this process also applies to people as we continuously evolve throughout our lives. 

Iterata Solutions was born from Cassie’s passion for leading and working with high-performing teams- the pace, the energy, the results - it became her life's work. She believes building these teams requires leaders who are deliberate in how they select, develop, and communicate with the people who bring life to their vision and execute their intent. 

Cassie continues to feed this passion by partnering with high-performing leaders and their teams

to live their peak potential. 

How do you know if you’re a high performer? You would never actually use this term to describe yourself because you’re humble and hungry and in fact, you probably cringe when you hear it. You smash into your growth edge so often that you live in fear that one day, one of your ambitious endeavors will end in failure. But it doesn’t slow you down. When an opportunity to take on more responsibility or lead a new initiative pops up, you jump at the chance, not because you want the credit but because you care and you believe. 

You thrive on feedback but it frustrates you when that feedback feels inauthentic or you suspect the person is “pulling punches.” You want them to hit you where it hurts because pain is essential for growth. You recognize a need for change but something keeps getting in your way: people, systems, processes, and resistance from those who feed on the status quo. 

We help you remove these barriers by giving you the white space to think strategically. We ask tough questions to elevate your awareness and deepen understanding; we suspend our own beliefs to allow yours to emerge; and we call you out when we sense your values and actions are misaligned. We believe feedback and reflection are essential to creating alignment between whom you believe you are and how others see you. Together, we will grow your capacity to solve problems at the speed of change and create new possibilities for yourself and the people you lead.

We know how busy you are so we're committed to making your time meaningful. Let’s work together to get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck and develop feasible and actionable plans to blast through your growth edge and help you perform at your peak potential.

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Be the Change

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I partner with high-performing leaders 

pursuing peak potential to identify and

target their growth edge and help

develop their capacity to solve complex problems at the speed of change and lead with the best version of themselves.


I leverage my background as a military print journalist, experience as an editor for multiple publications, and years of crafting strategic messages for senior military leaders to help you ensure when you speak your truth, your message is clear and free of distractions. I specialize in developmental and substantive editing and also provide writing coaching, as needed.


Leveraging years of military experience advising senior leaders and developing others, I help you solve your critical, difficult, and wicked problems using leadership development strategies, operational & organizational planning tools, and communications improvement strategies.


Cassie Crosby, Founder

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Cassie is a retired military officer who spent almost 25 years leading people and teams around the globe. Her experiences led her to believe that change is possible but it often starts with changing ourselves. The changes we want in our workplaces, our families, our communities, and our world often begin with an awareness of how our actions and behaviors contribute to our challenges and impact others. 

No matter where you are in your development, there is always room for growth. Cassie partners with high-performing leaders and their teams to identify these opportunities and develop actionable plans to achieve

their vision and drive lasting, strategic results. 

Cassie received a B.A. in English from the University of NH, an M.B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University, and a Master of Military Art and Science in Operational Planning from the

U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies. She also earned a graduate certificate

in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.

She currently lives in Dover, NH with her husband, two daughters, two cats, eight chickens, and one very small dog. She spends her free time enjoying the outdoors, weightlifting, gardening, reading, writing, and editing,

and loves good coffee and great conversations. 

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"Cassie was a great sounding board to help me develop professionally as a B2B marketing and business development consultant. She asked insightful questions, allowing me to implement tools to bring my best self to my clients. I recommend Cassie to any business professional who is serious about forming stronger teams and relationships."

K.D.T., Portland, ME

"Cassie helped my peers and I establish our company's first ERG. She has been absolutely amazing throughout the entire process...Cassie's methodology of asking questions and encouraging the participant to come to their own conclusions is wonderfully effective, as I found myself answering my own questions throughout our sessions. I would absolutely recommend Cassie to anyone who needs to encourage and empower leaders in their organization."

D.M., Omaha, NE

"Cassie offered mentorship training to our group at Swedish Match. What we got was so much more. Cassie took the time to develop a relationship with each of us that made us feel comfortable in our new roles as mentors. She facilitated our learning and helped us reach a pivotal epiphany, that will forever shape who we are, not only in business but in our personal lives as well. Cassie is easy to relate to, and offers varied resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth. I whole heartedly recommend Cassie for any company."

J. H., Los Angeles, CA.


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